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Skipping to main content

Elements of every page are in the code in following order: header, navigation menu, main content, footer. At beginning of each page there's an internal link enabling jump to main content. Access key "2" is assigned to this link.

Font size

Font size on every page is expressed in relative units and can be changed by changing browser's default font size.

Alternative stylesheets

This website have two stylesheets: for screens and for printers. Stylesheet for printers controls only main content of printed webpages details like address of webpage in header or footer and splitting of webpage to multiple paper pages depends on browser and its settings.

Standards compliance

All pages on this website validate as HTML 5 and use structured semantic markup.

This site uses valid CSS 3, for visual layout, but content of each page is still readable without stylesheets.

Accessibility problems

Should you experience any difficulty in accessing this website, please don't hesitate to contact webmaster.

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