On-site meeting with the representative of Oxford University

The program consisted of four presentations. During the hands-on workshop Michał Karpiński delivered a talk in which he covered key aspects of research management at the University of Oxford, by discussing the typical research group structures and organization of administrative support. Michał Karpiński has two affiliations.
At this moment the first at the Faculty of Physics UW as a recently hired assistant professor with tenure, and the second at the Oxford Optical Quantum Technologies Group, Department of Physics, University of Oxford, as postdoctoral research assistant. At the University of Oxford he works within the Networked Quantum Information Technologies Hub on coherent spectral manipulation of non-classical states of light. Through examples connected with his research results ("Ultrafast quantum communication" ) Michał Karpiński also highlighted the important role of transfer of technologies to the market. He described the University of Oxford approach to commercialization of research results in the form of partnership with the ISIS Innovation company and highlighted key steps in the procedure leading from a research result through patenting and forming a start-up company.

Next presentations were delivered by:
Dr. Radosław Chrapkiewicz - "Imaging at the frontier of absolute darkness using a camera with an image intensifier" 
Dr. Eng. Anna Pastuszczak - "Applications of compressive sensing"
Dr. Eng. Dariusz Smoleń - "From the concept to the market - on the way to commercialize a research project"