Metasurfaces and Sub-wavelength Plasmonic DOE

Special session on "Metasurfaces and Sub-wavelength Plasmonic DOE" has been organized in the framework of PhoQus@UW at the SPIE Congress in Prague on16th April 2015.

Metasurfaces and Sub-wavelength Plasmonic DOE

Thursday 16 April 2015, 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Session Chair: Rafał Kotyński, Univ. of Warsaw (Poland)

3.30 PM, Roman Antos, Theoretical analysis of optical and plasmonic metasurfaces

3:50 PM, Ben Hopkins, Circular dichroism from Fano resonances in planar chiral oligomers

4:10 PM, Jhuma Dutta, Asymmetric and symmetric coupling of surface-plasmon-polariton waves to planar interfaces with periodically patterned slanted columnar thin films of silver

4:30 PM, Silvia Romano, High-field enhancement factor in dielectric photonic structures

4:50 PM, Mathilde Makhsiyan, Plasmonic planar antenna for spectral and spatial manipulation of the polarization

5:10 PM, Ahmed Sokar, Generation of red color and near infrared bandpass filters using nano-scale plasmonic structures