Hands-on advanced workshop on scanning near-field microscopy

Hands-on advanced workshop on scanning near-field microscopy

The workshop on scanning near-field optical microscopy was organised in the framework of PhoQuS@UW at the Faculty of Physics UW on 19th and 20th January 2015. Altogether, over 20 researchers from the Faculty participated in the Workshop.

The detailed programme of the Workshop included three lectures, and laboratory work with physical vapour deposition, with scanning electron microscopy and with scanning near-field microscopy. The event was organized by Dr Rafał Kotyński. Lectures included the introductory talk on scanning near-field optical microscopy given by Prof. Tomasz Szoplik, the talk on superresolving imaging with metal-dielectric structures and on electromagnetic absorbers given by Dr Anna Pastuszczak, and the talk on nansostructured plasmonic elements and on the PVD evaporation technology with an electron beam given by Dr Piotr Wróbel.

The experimental part of the Workshop began in the PVD laboratory with sample preparation – this part of the workshop was also guided by Dr Piotr Wróbel. Prior to the Workshop, several samples were also prepared, including Au, NiCr, BaF2 and LiF structures deposited on silica substrates.

The second day of the Workshop was entirely devoted to experimental work with scanning electron microscopy with X-ray microanalysis followed by scanning near-field optical microscopy – this part of the Workshop was guided by Dr Tomasz Stefaniuk.

19 - 20.01.2015