The 3rd International Fair for Optoelectronics and Photonics OPTONExpo 2015 was held on 8-9 April 2014 in Warsaw at the Warsaw International Expocentre EXPO XXI. The research activieties in photonics conducted at the Faculty of Physics UW have been presented at the Fair as part of the PhoQuS@UW project.

The presentation was given by Dr. Eng. Cezary Samojłowicz alongside with the members of the OSA Student Chapter at the University of Warsaw. The Fair was a perfect occasion to reach a broad audience of industrial and educational partners interested in optics and photonics.The information activities were focused on extending social awareness as concerns the significance of science and research and to promote the choice of an academic carear connected with research or engineering. On top of this, on the second day of the Fair, our presentation point has been attended by numerous school excursions from Warsaw and its neighbourhood, including eg. from the Electro-Electronic Technical School named after E. Konopczyński. The presentation was aimed at explaining  the work of an experimental physicist to the young attendees and to strengthen the  awareness of the existence of a strong centre of optics, photonics, and quantum physics at the Faculty of Physics UW.

08 - 09.04.2015